The Dutch Woodsmoke Network wants to limit the airpollution and health effects from the burning of wood. The Network exchanges information, tries to influence policies and supports those who are victim of woodsmoke.

For many years there has been publicity and information on how to use a domestic woodstove. Also most woodstoves now for sale are certified. Nonetheless the number of complaints is steadiliy rising; and they often are about health problems. This is because the use of wood for recreational purposes and for heating is increasing. It also shows that information and technical requirements have done little or nothing to limit the emissions.

The Network therefore wants that local authorities take action to protect citizens against woodsmoke. Dutch legislation prohibits nuisance and damage from smoke and also forbids to cause health hazards from buildings. Nonetheless local communities rarely act to implement these rules; although there have been some favourable court-rulings. E.g. the city of Gouda (yes, where the cheese comes from) refuses to protect someone who suffers from chronic illness caused by a neighbour who heats his house with wood. Gouda even went to great lengths to find arguments to let the wood burning continue. And this is just one example of an ill-informed (and in this case not-interested) local authority.

With this website the Dutch Woodsmoke Network provides scientific, technical and practical information on woodsmoke, abatement and regulations. It is all in Dutch, but more or less the same information can be found on these English websites:

Coalition Against Woodburning

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